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Buying or selling a home can be a complicated process. That’s where our real estate lawyer in Brampton comes in.

LD Law LLP is here to help you through every process step, from start to finish. We have years of real estate law experience and will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

You can trust us to handle all the legal aspects of your transaction so you can focus on what’s important – finding your dream home or getting the best price for your property.

Contact our Brampton real estate lawyer today for a free legal advice!

About Us

When buying or selling a home, it’s important to have an experienced real estate lawyer. At LD Law LLP, our Brampton real estate lawyers have extensive experience helping clients with all aspects of their real estate transactions.

We’ve been helping people buy and sell property for over 10 years. We know Brampton and the surrounding Ontario area like our own homes-allowing us to provide a personalized service that will suit all of your needs! You can rest assured knowing you’re getting exactly what your money deserves with peace-of hand when working alongside one team at this top-rated real estate law firm in Ontario’s most prosperous city.

Our Brampton real estate lawyer can help you negotiate the purchase or sale of your home, prepare and review contracts, and handle all of the necessary paperwork.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, we can help you get the best possible deal on your real estate transaction.

List of services 

Business Law

Business law is a complex and ever-changing area of the law that impacts nearly every aspect of running a business. At LD Law LLP, our team of experienced business lawyers stays up-to-date on the latest changes in business law to provide our clients with the most accurate and helpful advice. Whether you’re starting a new business or need help resolving a legal dispute, we can provide real estate services and personalized representation you need to protect your interests. 

Wills & Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Anyone with any assets or dependents should have a plan in case of death. A will is a legal document that allows you to specify how you would like your assets to be distributed after death. This can include everything from real estate and personal property to investments and life insurance policies. The experienced Brampton real estate lawyer at LD Law LLP can help you develop the right plan for your unique situation, ensuring that your wishes are carried out, and your loved ones are taken care of. 

Real Estate Law

When it comes to real estate law, Brampton is a major player. The city’s booming economy and population growth has led to a surge in real estate activity, and our lawyers are here to help.


Whether you need purchase and sale agreements, negotiation, or other related legal services it’s important to understand your rights and obligations under the law. Our experienced Brampton real estate lawyers at LD Law LLP can help you navigate the often complex world of residential and commercial real estate matters. We can assist with everything from contract drafting and negotiation to litigation and appeals.


Real estate law can be complex and daunting, but our real estate lawyer in Brampton is here to help make the process as smooth as possible for you. We have years of experience in this field and will make sure everything goes according to plan.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

At LD Law professional corporation, our commercial real estate lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle a wide range of legal issues relating to commercial real estate. We understand the complexities of the law and can provide comprehensive legal services to our clients. Our real estate lawyer can help with the purchase or sale of commercial real estate in Ontario, the leasing of commercial space, and the financing of commercial real estate transactions. We also have experience dealing with zoning issues, environmental concerns, and construction disputes. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible legal representation and ensure their rights are protected. 


When it comes to commercial real estate, you need the help of a professional who knows the ins and outs of the law. LD Law is a leading law office in Toronto and Brampton Ontario that specializes in real estate law. We have years of experience helping business owners and individuals with all their real estate needs.