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Acquiring, selling or refinancing a home or any other property is a huge undertaking. There’s a lot on the line, including the money and time invested, and one should commit proper care and attention to every detail of the transaction to ensure a smooth and seamless process from the start to closing. Meeting your objectives without any loss or disputes is paramount.


With the ever-changing market conditions and real estate laws, working with a real estate lawyer who’s well-versed in all matters of real estate is the best way to protect your investment and meet your goals while averting disputes and losses. Isn’t that what every real estate investor and homebuyer needs?

At LD Law, we offer smooth and efficient processes that protect our client’s interests in all real estate and business transactions. We thoroughly analyze all documents, including purchase and sale agreements, conduct comprehensive title searches, negotiate contracts and handle other particulars, ensuring the successful completion of your transactions. Also, we are capable of resolving any issues that may arise regarding your real estate property.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, refinance, transfer title or insure your commercial or residential property, our Scarborough real estate lawyers can help. Call us at (416)-747-9900 to schedule a consultation.

About LD Law Real Estate Lawyers

LD Law is an all-inclusive real estate law firm that provides reliable legal services throughout Scarborough and other parts of Ontario. Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or refinancing your property, considering an estate plan or having legal issues, our real estate lawyers can help.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience representing nervous first-time buyers to seasoned real estate investors throughout Ontario. We have closed more than 26,000 real estate transactions, leaving many homeowners, business owners, and investors satisfied with our personalized services.

LD Law has the knowledge, capacity and expertise to handle even the most complex and demanding transactions in Scarborough. We also incorporate our corporate and  business law knowledge, offering you a wide range of services under one roof. With us, your assets, business, and investments will be secure.

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LD Law Real Estate Services

Sale and Purchase of Property

Are you a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor? Our team can help you purchase or sell any commercial, industrial or residential property in a prompt and smooth manner. We interact with the other party’s lawyer and ensure that every document is in order and all legal processes are completed as required, ensuring the best outcome and experience for our clients.


Looking to finance or refinance your mortgage? LD Law can protect your interests by thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions of your mortgage to ensure that they are favourable with no hidden surprises. We’ll prepare all the required legal documents and ensure that you understand every detail of the mortgage agreement before signing.


At LD Law, we can help you with all your commercial and residential lease needs. Using our extensive business and real estate law experience, we can draft, negotiate and review lease agreements for landlords, tenants, businesses and property owners. We can also re-negotiate the terms of an existing lease.

Wills and Estate Planning

At LD Law, we can help you plan for the future by drafting and preparing your estate plan and will. This includes preparing your power of attorney for property and personal care, appointing a legal guardian, establishing the distribution of your assets and financial holdings, and more. A legally binding will and estate plan protects your wealth and ensures that it’s distributed per your wishes if you pass.

Make Smarter Real Estate Investments

At LD Law, we strive to ease real estate transactions by providing expert legal services. We utilize our years of experience and knowledge to offer personalized services that meet your specific real estate needs. With us, you’ll make well-informed decisions in every transaction.

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