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When it comes to property investments, you want to attain your objectives while avoiding disputes and minimizing the possibility of incurring any losses. Given the complexities involved in real estate transactions, including the legal elements and inconsistency of the industry, it’s important to retain with an experienced, tough and local real estate lawyer.


LD Law real estate lawyers specialize in all real estate matters. We provide a wide array of service, which are tailored to fit our clients’ real estate needs and to help them achieve their objectives. Whether you’re looking to sell, purchase, refinance, transfer title or perform other property transactions, our team of real estate attorneys can handle the transaction from the start to closing. With us, your property transaction will be in capable and experienced hands.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

The process of acquiring, selling, or leasing commercial properties is complex compared to most residential property transactions. For most investors, commercial real estate is a lucrative way to make long-term investments in fast growing areas such as Mississauga. However, even the most lucrative investment opportunities have challenges and unforeseeable risks, which is why it’s important to work with local commercial real estate lawyers.


At LD Law, we have experience navigating the intricacies of major property acquisition and disposition, planning and development, servicing agreements, leasing and property management issues. We can help you meet your expectations through customized commercial real estate services.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

The high demand for housing in Mississauga has led to massive growth of the residential real estate market, with more international investors pouring in. This has increased the complexity of residential property transactions, including purchase and financial agreements. To avoid any pre and post-closing disputes, it’s imperative to engage the services of an experienced real estate lawyer when looking to purchase a new property.


Our lawyers conduct thorough title searches, check tax certificates, negotiate terms of sale, request for total fee disclosure, and review mortgage documents, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. In case any disputes arise, we are well-equipped to resolve them while protecting our client’s interests.

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Sale and Purchase of Property

Our team guides clients looking to purchase or sell residential, commercial or other real estate properties in Mississauga. We conduct detailed title and off-title searches to minimize unpleasant surprises, review closing documents, negotiate contracts and coordinate with other involved parties to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. By working with us, you make well-informed decisions during the acquisition or disposition of any real estate property.


At LD Law real estate lawyers, we help our clients negotiate and secure financing for their real estate purchases. Our lawyers examine and explain the mortgage documents, and ensure that the terms and conditions are favourable to our clients. Apart from reviewing mortgage documents, we can help you complete government finance forms to secure funding, such as the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive. Our team is well-versed in all financial matters related to real estate and can streamline the process for you.


As real estate lawyers, we believe that leases should be drafted in a manner that protects both the landlord’s and the tenant’s interests. Our team works with tenants and landlords, helping them negotiate and draft personalized lease agreements for residential and commercial properties. We utilize our expertise to tailor solutions per our clients’ unique circumstances, and to resolve any issues that may arise between lessees and lessors.

Real Estate Litigation Issues

Disputes can crop up at any moment during real estate transactions due to a number of reasons. Some of them occur when a buyer discovers defects in their property, which were not disclosed by the seller or real estate agent. In other cases, disputes arise when one party breaches the purchase and sale agreement. In Ontario, real estate transactions are guided by the province’s real estate law and contract laws. This means that the purchase and sale agreement between two parties is legally binding, and when one party breaches it, the other party has the right to take necessary legal action. Contact our Mississauga real estate litigation lawyers for all your real estate legal matters.

Real Estate Expertise When You Need It

If you’re buying or selling property in Mississauga, or are looking to lease, refinance, settle a dispute or transfer title, it’s imperative to seek the services of an experienced real estate lawyer. Why? The simple answer is that real estate transactions are lengthy, require thorough review of all the agreements and other legal documents involved and can often lead to disputes. Having a lawyer helps protect your investment by ensuring that all the documents are in order, your contract terms are fair and providing effective solutions to possible issues.


LD Law has a team of highly experienced real estate lawyers who are well-versed in property rights, business law and civil litigation. Our team of experts can handle all your real estate related matters in a smooth and personalized manner, and provide you with the legal advice needed to make the best decisions possible.

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We Provide You with Cost Effective Service

LD Law provides a wide range of legal services to help investors and property owners in Mississauga perform risk and dispute-free real estate transactions. Most new investors and first-time homeowners are hesitant to retain a real estate lawyer, mostly due to the fear of hefty legal fees and not grasping the importance of legal advice and representation. Failing to utilize an experienced lawyer can lead to losses and bad terms in your contracts.


At LD Law, we provide cost effective and efficient services, making it possible for all Mississauga residents to retain expert legal counsel. Contact our team today to learn about our fee and the real estate services we provide.

Make Smarter Real Estate Investments

It’s no secret that real estate is growing fast in Mississauga and property transactions are becoming complex by the day. More intricate purchase agreements and changing real estate laws call for homebuyers and property investors to seek expert legal advice when engaging in real estate transactions. An experienced real estate attorney will protect your interests and help you make well-informed real estate investment decisions.
If you’re looking to buy, lease or sell a property, get in touch with LD Law to learn about our complete range of real estate services in Mississauga.

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A real estate lawyer can help you to understand any covenants, easements, or liens that may be on the property.

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