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Buying a new home, selling a business premise, refinancing your mortgage or carrying out other real estate transactions always presents some level of intricacy and risk. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced real estate investor, it’s imperative to protect your investment or business from possible risks and issues and ensure that your property transactions run smoothly and efficiently. You can attain this by enlisting the services of experienced real estate lawyers.


LD Law is a well-established firm focused on providing clients with a wide range of professional and cost-effective real estate services in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas. We help you conduct detailed title searches, obtain title insurance, secure financing at fair rates, negotiate costs, close transactions and conduct other property and business-related matters. Our team facilitates individuals, businesses, and corporations to attain their goals conveniently and efficiently.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Commercial real estate entails complex laws and regulations regarding land acquisition, development, land use, leasing, purchasing, and selling properties. As a property investor, business owner or corporation, it can be challenging to manage your whole portfolio, navigate ongoing or future property transactions and deal with disputes.


Thankfully, LD Law has the skills and expertise to help you in your next property acquisition or disposition, deal with contractual disputes, arrange long-term financing options and manage other commercial real estate matters in Etobicoke. We work with small and large businesses acquiring, selling, leasing or refinancing their commercial properties, from bare land to industrial buildings and shopping malls. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

When you finally find that perfect house or condominium and want it to be your home or a long-term investment, it’s in your best interest to ensure that the entire acquisition process runs well and closes under favourable terms. This also applies to persons selling or leasing homes and other residential properties because an efficient process promotes business growth.


At LD Law, our real estate lawyers help Etobicoke residents buy, sell, lease, or refinance residential properties cost-effectively and worry-free. We make the process simple for you by reviewing the terms of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, conducting detailed title and off-title searches, negotiating contracts, working with appraisal experts to evaluate the property, and helping you avoid or mitigate any surprises.

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Acquisitions and Dispositions

Purchasing and selling bare and vacant land, commercial buildings and residential properties in Etobicoke requires careful planning and expert guidance to ensure that your rights are protected, and the entire process runs smoothly. Our experienced Etobicoke real estate lawyers draft and review all contracts to ensure the terms are fair for our clients, run extensive title and off-title inquiries, negotiate prices, make financing arrangements, and litigate any disputes. Let our team guide you through the intricacies of your next property purchase or sale.

Real Estate Litigation

In Etobicoke, real estate transactions, including buying, selling, refinancing, and leasing properties, are governed by Ontario’s real estate and contract laws. The parties engaged usually sign a contract detailing the terms and conditions of that transaction. Any breach of contract by either party leads to real estate disputes. For example, if a seller refuses to close on a transaction, the buyer can claim damages arising from that breach. Also, if a seller fails to disclose any faults with their property, the buyer can pursue legal action.

At LD Law, we represent clients in the litigation, mediation or appeal of real estate legal disputes. If you are in a legal situation, get in touch with our team for experienced representation.


Residential and commercial lease agreements between the property owner and tenant outline both parties’ rights, roles and responsibilities. A lease should be simple and easy to understand, even in situations that call for complex lease agreements.

At LD Law, we help landlords and tenants negotiate and draft a customized lease as per the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act and the Commercial Tenancies Act. Signing an agreement reduces disputes, and if they occur, it is used as a guide to resolve them. Contact our lawyers today for customized lease solutions in Etobicoke.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Etobicoke

When engaging in real estate and business transactions, working with an Etobicoke real estate lawyer puts you at an advantage because of their extensive knowledge and understanding of real estate and the law.

LD Law comprises experienced real estate lawyers with over ten years of successfully representing Ontario residents in real estate and business dealings. We utilize the knowledge and skills acquired over the years to ensure that our client’s transactions close expeditiously and as successfully as possible.

By working with experienced real estate lawyers in Etobicoke, you can rest assured that even the most complex business and real estate transactions will be in capable hands. Let our team guide you through the complex and dynamic real estate landscape.

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Real Estate Services with A Personal Touch

Every real estate transaction comes with its own set of unique circumstances. At LD Law, we customize our services to fit the specifics of each transaction, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

As reputable real estate lawyers, we are dedicated to your current needs and the overall objectives of your business. We put your interests first from start to finish by providing personalized care and attention to your sale, purchase or any other transaction you’re engaged in.


Call us at 416-747-9900  to retain quality legal counsel and get individual attention to all your property and business dealings.

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Are you looking to buy, refinance or sell a property in Etobicoke? If so, enlist the services of LD Law, experienced real estate lawyers. No matter the real estate transaction you’re looking to conduct, our team can advise you on what to expect and guide you through the entire process in a diligent and client-oriented manner.


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