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Business Law

Business law, also referred to as commercial law, is a group of laws, regulations, and practices governing all the dealings of business entities with other businesses, government agencies, and individuals.


Business Law does more than govern as it also protects the liberties and rights of business concerns. It also protects the future of a business by ensuring that there are no mistakes or problems that can erupt into a legal issue later on.

Business and Corporate Lawyers

Every business, whether a start-up or established, small or big, has a set of local and national laws and regulations that they are expected to abide by to protect the interests of the business concerns and consumers.


Business Law is wide as it incorporates the registration of a new business, acquisition of a company, formation of a partnership, preparation of contracts, copyrights, stock purchase agreements and many other business dealings. Although some legal matters may seem easy enough for you to handle without legal guidance, there’s a possibility of making a costly mistake.


At LD Law, protecting the future of your business is our specialty. Our firm has more than ten years of extensive experience helping Toronto residents form and run their businesses while avoiding any issues that can cause legal pitfalls for business owners. Our legal team guides and protects your team.

Areas of Business Law

Start-up Representation

Our corporate lawyers advise start-ups, partnerships, corporations, or sole-proprietorships, on how to establish a business structure, prepare shareholder agreements, prepare compensation plans and more. We protect you from the start.

Asset Purchase Agreements (APA)

When looking to acquire or sell all or specific assets of a company, it’s important to retain a business lawyer to help negotiate, prepare, and draft an asset purchase agreement.


At LD Law, we help businesses prepare a wide range of contracts, including employee contracts, confidentiality agreements, franchise agreements, loan documents, terms and conditions, commercial leases and more.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

A shareholder or partnership agreement is essential when a business has more than one owner. It details certain business specifics, including management and voting rights, owner responsibilities, and funding, and helps mitigate possible issues.

Buy-Sell Agreements

In business partnerships, buy-sell agreements are vital as they stipulate how a partner’s share of the business will be re-allocated if they die or can no longer be owners.

Franchise Legal Representation

At LD Law, we offer legal representation to franchisees and franchisors. Whether it’s a contract for a new franchise opportunity or any legal issues in an existing franchise, we can help.

Trademarks and Copyright Law

Looking to register and protect your trademark or intellectual property? Our Toronto business lawyers are experienced in trademark and copyright law and can assist you with all related legal matters.

Commercial Lease Reviews and Negotiations

Our lawyers review our clients’ commercial leases to ensure they're favourable and, where necessary, negotiate for revision of certain terms. We also help clients obtain consent to assignments when selling their business.

General Contract Review and Preparation

At LD Law, we prepare and review contracts on behalf of our clients to ensure that all the involved parties are protected. We make sure that all contracts are reliable, above-board, and enforceable.

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In the commercial world, overlooking even the smallest legal issues and making uninformed decisions can potentially lead to drastic consequences for the business and the owners. Therefore, it’s vital to seek legal guidance when launching a new business, incorporating, selling shares, or purchasing a business.


At LD Law, we have a team of legal experts ready to guide you and protect your interests. Call us today to discuss your business legal needs.