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Whether buying your first home or adding another property to your real estate portfolio, your real estate transaction should be given personalized attention as there’s always a lot involved. This is because each transaction presents its own complexities and legal elements that you should address with proper care and attention to close your transactions promptly and smoothly.


An experienced real estate lawyer can help make your real estate acquisition, disposition or financing as seamless as possible. A lawyer understands real estate law and has the skills to navigate every facet involved in the process while protecting your interests.

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LD Law Firm is dedicated to providing client-oriented real estate services to Oakville residents. Our team aims to protect your investment and ensure a smooth process in each transaction, from negotiations to closing. In case of any disputes, our experienced litigation lawyers work to resolve them while safeguarding your interests.

Buying, selling, leasing or refinancing a commercial or residential property? Get in touch with our experienced Oakville real estate lawyers for legal advice. Call us at (416)-747-9900 to schedule a consultation.

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Buying and Selling Real Estate

One of the most stressful and significant processes that Oakville residents undergo is buying and selling a home or any other property. At LD Law, we help individuals and companies looking to acquire or sell real estate review the Purchase and Sale Agreement, perform a comprehensive title search, arrange title insurance, transfer title, and complete other legal processes.

Mortgages and Refinancing

If you’re looking to mortgage or refinance your real estate property, working with an Oakville mortgage lawyer can ensure that you receive what was offered without any hidden charges or unfavourable terms. Our lawyers will thoroughly review all documentation, complete necessary title searches, arrange payout of any existing financing and complete other mortgage transaction details.


At LD Law, we work with tenants and landlords to review, negotiate and draft personalized commercial and residential leases. Our firm believes that any lease agreement should be easy to understand and protect the interests of both the lessee and the lessor. Remember that lease agreements are quite significant when obtaining any commercial or residential space; therefore, you should seek legal advice before any commitments.

Title Insurance

Although title insurance is not mandatory in Ontario, protecting yourself from unknown title issues, title fraud, and existing property liens is important. Title insurance is available for condos, houses, industrial properties, land, and other residential and commercial properties. Contact LD Law to determine if title insurance is right for you.

Real Estate Expertise When You Need It

Are you looking to buy, sell, or engage in any other real estate transaction? Our Oakville real estate attorneys can ensure that you have a smooth and efficient process. We offer high-quality, client-focused services at a fair price to all our clients.

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