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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

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Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

The purchase, sale, leasing, financing, development and other commercial real estate property transactions involve many critical issues that call for utmost care and attention to detail for favorable outcomes.


An experienced commercial real estate lawyer can guide you in commercial real estate matters and help you protect your interests, achieve your objectives and avert potential issues.

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The commercial real estate market is always evolving, bringing new forces into play. Without a thorough understanding of how urbanization, tech advances, changes in legislation, demographic changes and other forces can affect your real estate transactions and growth, your interests are not protected. You could end up facing some problems, including inadequate financing, unexpected costs, and environmental lawsuits. At LD Law, we are here to help our clients avoid such and more issues through exceptional legal services and risk management.


At LD Law, we are steeped in the commercial real estate business. Our team brings years of experience and expertise in the industry, including in commercial property acquisition and dispositions, commercial leasing, financing, land acquisition and development.


Our Toronto real estate lawyers are available to provide expert and practical advice, prepare legal documentations and help our clients meet their objectives. If you are looking to invest or perform other commercial real estate transactions, contact our team at 416-747-9900

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Why Choose LD Law

All Inclusive Services

LD Law is an all-round firm dedicated to providing exceptional real estate services in Toronto. To achieve this, our team integrates the knowledge and skills of different fields, including business law, mortgage and financing, partnership law, and more. Our extensive skills in these fields come in handy when tackling different issues in commercial real estate transactions.


Our commercial real estate lawyers have more than 10 years of extensive experience in the industry. They’ve helped clients acquire, protect, manage and expand real estate investments in the most practical and cost-effective ways. LD Law has the expertise you require for your next real estate transaction.

Renowned for Results

At LD Law, our priority is achieving exceptional results for our clients in a timely and effective manner. Our lawyers utilize their real estate skills and knowledge to provide professional services customized to deliver the most favourable outcomes for our clients. They have a reputation for delivering excellent results.

Our Services

Acquisition and Disposition

The acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate properties requires in-depth guidance from start to finish. At LD Law, we help our clients navigate every area of purchase and sale transactions, including conducting due diligence on properties, negotiating purchase agreements, analysing and negotiating funding arrangements, and working to obtain financing for your real estate property. Whether you’re looking to acquire or sell an office building, a distressed asset, condominiums, or a shopping mall, we have the expertise you need to ensure a smooth transaction.

Commercial Leasing

At LD Law, we act on behalf of landlords, tenants, developers, and property managers in structuring, preparing, and negotiating commercial leases and any related documents. Our firm has represented clients on leases for office space, warehouses, restaurants, industrial premises and more. We interpret all the aspects of a lease for our clients, and provide advice on risk allocations, insolvency issues, and lease defaults.


The hospitality industry is massive in Ontario. It includes hotels, equity funds, leisure companies (cinemas, golf courses, health and fitness facilities, etc.), boutique brands, and more. As one of the most complex industries, owners, franchisors, managers and major companies in the hospitality business require expert lawyers to handle the legal and business issues involved. We pride ourselves as experienced hospitality lawyers that provide varied and exceptional services.

Municipal and Land Use Planning

At LD Law we are well-acquainted with the municipal law, and the ever changing legislation governing land use and development in Ontario. We help our clients obtain land use approvals, deal with complex development issues and municipal disputes, prepare statutory and extra-statutory development agreements, interpret municipal by-laws, apply for variances and amendments and more.

LD Law has successfully navigated a wide cross-section of public and private sector clients, including developers, quasi-public authorities, land owners, utility companies and public agencies, through the complexities of municipal laws and regulations and the tedious approval process.

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Persons and organizations involved in today’s commercial real estate acquisition, sale, development and management require professional services of a highly experienced and dedicated commercial real estate lawyer. LD Law has extensive skill sets to help our clients achieve their business objectives expeditiously and in the most effective way for long-term success. Your business is our priority.

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